Become a Sponsor and see a life changed!


You probably haven’t heard this term very often because it’s an idea that, while simple, is overlooked. Through local sponsorship with Sponsored By GRACE, you as a sponsor will be able to invest in a child’s future through mentoring, financial support, and most important pouring into them spiritually. Our prayer is that God will use you as a sponsor to make an impact in the lives of these children and we think it will change yours to!

Becoming a sponsor is something that we don’t take lightly, its an investment. Whether you have the opportunity to sponsor a child preparing to head to college or you become a sponsor to a child who is is preparing to head into elementary school. Our hope is that you continue the journey with the child all the way through the program and also outside of the program.

As a Sponsor, you provide encouragement and hope for your sponsored child through one of the most valuable things we can offer..TIME. Your time spent with your sponsor child will mean the world to them. A sponsor’s friendship and encouragement is priceless to a child in such circumstances.

To become a potential sponsor you must complete the following:

  • Complete Sponsor Application.

  • Complete interview process with SBG Team and Counsel.

  • Serve one Saturday at partner facility.

  • Serve one weekday at the after school program.

  • Complete and pass background check.

What are the requirements of a sponsor if selected?

  • Be an encourager.

  • Writing your sponsored child at minimum of once a month.

  • Visiting your sponsored child a minimum of twice a month at our partner facility.

  • Your presence is mandatory for any field trips or event activities.

  • Continually pray for your sponsored child and family.

  • Must live in Jacksonville.