Jill Erazo

Gosh, how do I even begin to explain how amazing today was serving alongside Sponsored By GRACE at The Celebration Dream Center on Cleveland Avenue?!

I have been on several short-term mission trips and each time I come home, I feel this emptiness and I always just chalked it up to be what they call " the mission trip funk." I have been asked this question multiple times, "Why do you go out of the country to serve on a mission when help is needed right here?" I don't have a good answer to that question at all. Well, ya know what? Help is needed everywhere. People everywhere need food, they need to hear about Jesus, and they need love, so much love! Yes, there are services available here to those who need it, but not everyone that needs that help has access to it, whether it be due to transportation issues, working, being disabled, or just being elderly, etc. So this Saturday morning and every Saturday morning, this team is bringing food, Jesus, and love for the people of this neighborhood. The first thing we did was unload a trailer full of food donated by several local companies, I'm talking fruits, vegetables, salads, lunch meat, bread, pastries, and even my favorite treat from Starbucks, lemon loaf (yes, I was eyeballing those). We made up food bags, one non-perishable and perishable. Yall, they even have diapers to hand out if requested. I met so many sweet, sincere, and thankful people this morning and they were so happy that we were there.

And let's just talk about the little boys that I met today, Keeshaun, Little Michael, and Papi. Oh my heart, my heart is so full. We had so much fun sitting up on the playground talking about home life, Jesus, superheroes, and school. Even when we came down for a snack and a Bible story, they were asking to go back up there to talk some more, so of course, we did just that.

I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous about going to serve right next to The Cleveland Arms Apartments because you hear nothing but bad things about them, riots right on the basketball court, murders, and drugs. Lets just say, Jesus took that fear away faster than I could blink, because those people right here in our backyard in The Cleveland Arms apartments need to be reached too, they need to be loved on, those kids need to know that they are fearfully and wonderfully made, those people need to know about Jesus.

You know what this day cost me?? Absolutely, nothing! I am counting down the days until I get to go back next Saturday to love on these people. What are you doing with your free time Saturday mornings?