Our Story

The start

In 2013 Caitlin and I took a mission trip to Codo, Brazil to meet our Compassion children and sponsor one more. This was the highlight of the whole trip of being able to spend time with and meet our kids face to face that we were financially sponsoring each month for $38/month.

May 29th while one evening while sitting on the couch, I looked at Caitlin and told her that there had to be something that we could come up with that can bring glory to the name of Jesus. Not just a product. It was then when God gave the idea of ‘’LOCAL SPONSORSHIP.” Why couldn’t we sponsor children locally in some of the worst areas of our city?

May 31st, 2018

I met with a Tony from church on that morning and talked about the struggle with him and his family never being able to travel internationally to see the children they sponsor due to financial constraints. Once he spoke of this real roadblock, I knew there would be a day to be able to allow this family to sponsor locally.

Met with some brothers from my accountability group on the idea that I believed God put on my heart. Once I shared the idea we were sold on it and decided to take the steps of faith to see what God would do and where He would lead.

We are three months into this movement and the story continues to grow legs. We are officially a nonprofit. We have established our first partnership with a faith-filled facility called The Dream Center located in one if not the worst zip codes in Jacksonville, 32209

We have identified our first community that we will prayerfully be sponsoring children from. Our hope is that on Christmas we will be having our first child from our city up for sponsorship!

In Faith,

Ron Armstrong

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